Monday, May 2, 2011

Charles Krug Cabernet Sauvignon Napa Valley 2008

It's pretty safe to say that the royal family of California wine is the Mondavi family. What started as a small business with Cesare Mondavi and his sons Peter and Robert has spread into something huge, and along the way there have been family dynamics playing out that could provide story lines for any of the remaining daytime soaps.

Robert Mondavi left his family's business many tears ago to start the now better known Robert Mondavi Winery which was sold to Constellation Brands. Robert's sons and daughter are each involved in different ventures now. From Robert's side of the family, you have an outstanding Reserve program from Robert Mondavi Winery, some up and coming really good Cabs from Marcia and Tim's Continuum label, and a variety of wine businesses from Michael.

Peter Mondavi's family on the other hand, has been consistently making wine under the Charles Krug label that Cesare purchased decades ago. Peter's sons Peter Jr. and Marc are more involved than ever, and I'm here to say that the results right now are fantastic. Charles Krug is consistently turning out really good Cabs in the $20 to $30 range that are delicious, balanced, and food friendly. The 2008 vintage is no exception.

In your glass the the Charles Krug Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon 2008 is deep purple-red in color. The nose brings blackberry and cassis with a mild floral element. This has the bouquet of a classic Napa Cab. In your mouth you get outstanding blackberry fruit up front, but this is not just just another fruit bomb. The fruit is backed up by very well integrated tannins, nice acidity, and a medium-full body that is restrained compared to so many Napa Cabs that err on the side of syrupy.

Then Charles Krug Cabernet Sauvignon 2008 is simply an outstanding value in the low $20's for a bottle. It brings plenty of fruit but also shows some restraint and it makes for an excellent pairing with any grilled red meats. It would go particularly well with a grilled tenderloin with shallot reduction. The recipe can be found here Treat yourself to a bottle of this delicious cab and give it a try with some nice filets.


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  1. Great review! My brother and his wife tasted the 2009 and they really liked that year as well. Cheers!