Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Home on the Range...My Free Range Chicken Rant

I must confess that I was not originally drawn to the natural and organic food movement. Free range chicken? I figured a chicken that ran around a lot would be skinny and that a fat, lazy chicken might taste a little better. Well after years of frustration randomly getting bad chicken in the grocery store, I'm here to say that I'm a believer in organic, natural, free range chicken. I'm done with pre cut up breasts, thighs, and drumsticks from a factory farm. I'm done with chicken that has seen more steroids than an NFL linebacker and more antibiotics than the Center for Disease Control.

I'd love to say my motivation was pure and for the betterment of the world and fair treatment of chickens everywhere, but the fact is that the natural, organic, free range chicken just tastes better. Regular chicken is sometimes OK and sometimes as rubbery as an old set of Goodyears. The problem is there is no telling what you'll get on the table when you look at the chicken in the store. With free range chicken I've found very consistent results. After trying numerous free range chickens I've discovered that they're always moist, juicy, delicious and never tough or rubbery.

So get to your local store and do something good for the treatment of chickens out there and try some free range chicken. Your taste buds will thank you. Free range chickens can be found at many stores, farmers markets, and most definitely at Whole Foods where I buy them.

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